Product Information

All our door products are built using the same cladding as the insulated panels used for that particular project.

Options available in white chromadek or coloured, stainless steel. We have a wide range of extrusions that enable us to separate ourselves from the competition, ensuring the highest quality and durability.

Insulation will either be Polyurethane injected, Rockwool or Polyphen

On Cold and Freezer Room Doors an Aluminium Tread Plate’ protection plate is fitted on the lower part of the door to prevent damage from continuous opening closing and wear and tear.

Doors can either be of the hinged or the sliding type and the frames are fitted with double neoprene gaskets.The hinged doors are supplied with heavy-duty imported hardware.

Cold / freezer room sliding door systems:

  • Medium duty -Sliding doors from 800 x 2100 up to 2000 x 2100
  • Heavy duty – Sliding doors from 2000 x 2100 up to 4000 x 4000

Swing doors for Cold and Freezer room applications

  • 800 x 2000 single doors to 1500 x 2100

The sliding doors work on the European principle of “drop down and drop in” for the perfect sealing against the frame and the gasket.

All doors are fitted with internal safety release mechanisms (doors can be opened from the inside although locked on the outside).

Doors for rooms operating below 0°C are fitted with heater wires in the sub-frames.

Door Types

Personnel Doors

  • EconoLine
  • Executive line
  • Single doors or double doors
  • Fire escape doors
  • Viewing pane doors

Truck Doors

  • Single or Double application
  • Small side door access

Safety exit push blocks can be installed

Insulated Shelters/Containers

  • 3 point locking system with safety release mechanism all made of Stainless steel 304
  • Standard external type locking system
  • Recessed locking type
  • Tamper proof hinges in stainless steel
  • All movable parts slide on a PVC washer coated, for extra ease and quality feel

Double rear door

Single rear door

Side door

Other Types of Doors

  • Docking doors can be supplied and fitted.
  • Automated sliding doors and vertical lifting doors
  • Double swing entrance doors for Cold Rooms
  • PVC strip curtains for Cold and Freezer Room doors
  • All extrusions are made exclusively for Dalucon, are high in quality and all gaskets are silicone based which slot into the door extrusions.
  • Glass doors for beverage chillers or display freezers
  • All our door consumables are imported from overseas using the highest quality grade of materials, we have extensive stock on hand at all times.

3 Point locking mechanism inside & outside

Recessed door Handle

Personnel Door

Cold & Freezer Room Doors

Double Swing Doors

Glass Doors for Display Fridges

Double fire escape doors

Sliding door 4.0 x 4.0

Automated Slide Up doors

Container Sliding door

Cold room door lock with safety release

Cold room door on architrave

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