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When it comes to selecting the best overall insulation product for walls, ceilings and roofs, polyurethane is the product of choice. No other foam insulation has the perfect combination of features which is so important for long term performance.

Importance and Usage In Industrial Buildings

For economic and legal reasons, it is essential to improve thermal insulation in almost all areas of building, civil engineering, industrial engineering, plant construction, refrigeration, cooling technology and district heating supply. Energy conservation, safety in building physics and high economic demands are prerequisites nowadays for insulation in all areas of application. The best possible properties are therefore demanded of insulating materials and designs, such as were previously only required in very extreme areas of application.

The following are among the characteristics of Injected Polyurethane:

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    Dalucon High pressure injected Polyurethane panels

    • High pressure injected
    • 40kg m², Density on all our panels
    • 40mm up to 125mm in panel thickness
    • Panel length from 2.4m up to 13.5m. PRESENTLY, The longest PU Press in South Africa
    • IBR roofing Panel with Dalucon unique tongue and groove panel joining system,
    • Roofing from 50mm up to 125mm thick
    • All Panels join with tongue and groove system
    • Fluting on all panels can be done
    • Various colors for Chromadec is available to suit your architectural design
    • Wide range of Aluminum extrusions to choose from to complete an assemble projects
    • Chromadec trims can also be made up
    • Personnel doors are made up of the highest quality, single or double, Econo line or Executive line
    • Cam lock on wall panels can be supplied

    Dalucon Has Four Presses

    Specifications for DALUCON’S High Pressure Polyurethane Injection Machines 

    Dalucon Presses

    First in South Africa, the ultimate and latest in EU technology; dosing equipment PU press – the longest in South Africa!

    • Maximum length per panel – 5M no joints
    • High Pressure dosing machine
    • 2 x 2 day light press
    • Completely automatic feed in- and output
    • Both the press and the time are controlled by computer
    • Heated planterns
    • Tongue and groove interlocking system on all panels
    • IBR roofing profile, high pressure injected panel
    • Suction cup crane system for easy loading and off loading of press, (Especially easy for those 13.5m and 16.5m long panels)
    • High volume manufacturing

    Press Sizes

    • 1 press 8.5 meter panels
    • 2 presses 13.5 meter panels
    • 1 press 16.5 meter panels

    High Pressure Dosing Unit

    A high pressure multi component dosing unit equipped with mass flow transducers and double diaphragm pumps.

    • Chemical storage units are refrigerated for chemicals optimum temperature control
    • Machines functions are monitored and controlled in real time by a Siemens PLC S7, which is interfaced with a dedicated control panel, based on Siemens “Touch Screen” technology as well. The system allows to set and save up to 99 pouring programs.
    • Electric motors are provided with frequency inverters to allow the automatic output adjustment through the operator panel.
    • New Eco Mate formulation can be used on our machines for improved Environment friendly chemicals
    • Daluconkeeps high volumes of Polyurethane chemicals and chromadec for constant supply
    • Iso 9000 is incorporated in all our products AND manufacturing procedures.

    Other Products and Services

    • Insulation materials: Polyurethane injection 40dV m3, Polystyrene from 16DV3, Polyphen, Rockwool
    • Sliding doors
    • Automated sliding doors
    • Automated up and over doors
    • Personnel doors
    • Viewing windows
    • All Panels have tongue and groove joining system
    • Floor insulation with vapour barrier plastic
    • Wide range of aluminium angles and flashings
    • PVC and Aluminium half round coving
    • Partitioning and clean environment, clean rooms
    • Supply and installation across South African Boarders
    • Supply and installation across Southern Africa
    • We are approved throughout South African retailers
    • Delivery